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Monday, January 8

Today’s Learning: How did Europe contribute to global trade during the Middle Ages?

Warm Up: Please review the sources we’ve used to study the Middle Ages in Europe (People of the Feudal System Notes on p. 74 of your notebook, Feudal System Chart, p. 75, and Life in the Middle Ages: The Serf, p. 76). Then respond to the questions below on p. 77 of your notebook in complete sentences, restating the questions in your responses:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the feudal system?
  • Do you think the system was fair? Why or why not?

Class Work: Share your responses to the warm up questions with your assigned travel partner.

Complete the Feudal System Formative Assessment together as a class.

Discuss the reasons why the feudal system existed in Western Europe during the Middle Ages. Illustrate with color.

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