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Monday, November 20

Today’s Learning: What is the role of religion in culture?

Warm Up: Please attach your World Religions graphic organizer to p. 63 with a hinge.

Class Work: Standard 4.1 Summative AssessmentOn a sheet of notebook paper, please write a paragraph (at minimum) explaining how religion impacts a culture. Include examples from the four religions we have reviewed (World Religions GO, notebook p. 63) that address the four ways religion plays a role in society (Role of Religion Notes, notebook p. 61).

When finished, make sure your name is on your paper and hand in on the front table.

Close read – underline, highlight, annotate – What is religion? And why did Islam form? After close reading, write a response to the question, Why did Islam form? at the bottom of p. 2 of the article. Share your response with your travel partner.

Use the information in the article you’ve just close read to help you complete the Why Islam? The Role of Religion in Society graphic organizer.

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