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Friday, August 25

Today’s Learning: What is contextualization?

Warm Up: Please practice the historical thinking skill of contextualization by close reading – underline, highlight, and annotate – the documents (A and B) on your table AND responding to the three accompanying questions.

Class Work: Class discussion of the introduction to the Code of Hammurabi and the accompanying timeline.

Continue Contextualization Notes (see below), notebook, p. 5.

We will read many documents this year, and we will ask:

  • What else was going on at the time this was written?
  • What was it like to be alive at this time?  In this place?
  • What things were different back then?
  • What things were the same?

Please describe the stories you hear on CNN 10 today in a sentence on p. 6 of your Social Studies notebook.

Fridays are AWESOME! Have a weekend!



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