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Wednesday, August 23

Today’s Learning: What did you study in 6th Grade Social Studies? Let’s put that learning in context.

Warm Up: On the back of the blank timeline I gave you yesterday, please list the topics you studied in 6th Grade Social Studies AND their time frames.

Mesopotamia – 5000-1600 BCE        Maya – 300-900 CE

Indus Valley – 5500-1500 BCE           Chavin – 900-200 BCE

Ancient Egypt – 3000-31 BCE            Olmec – 1400-400 BCE

Teotihuacan – 150-600 CE                  Mauryan Empire – 322-185 BCE

Zapotec – 500 BCE-900 CE               Alexander the Great – 356-323 BCE

Class Work: Create a timeline of the things you learned last year:

  • Put the events in order on your timeline
  • Illustrate each event with a picture that represents that event; make your illustrations colorful
  • We will share our timelines with the class – be prepared to explain your pictures
  • How does your picture relate to that event?

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