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Thursday, May 4

Today’s Learning: Who were the Aztec?

Warm Up: Please close read – underline, highlight, and annotate – p. 1 Food and Drink in the World Book Online on Aztec Military, Government, Religion, and Food.

Class Work: Write a one sentence summary of Aztec Food and Drink at the bottom of p. 1 of World Book Online on Aztec Military, Religion, and FoodShare your summary with your table partner.

Complete the corresponding section of the Aztec Jigsaw activity. Share your information with your assigned travel partner. Then complete  the other sections – close read and write a one-sentence summary – of the reading packet and the corresponding sections of the Aztec Jigsaw activity.

Use the resources we’ve accessed to study the Aztecs – Student Reading: Achievements of the Aztecs, The Aztec Empire video, and Jigsaw Reading: World Book Online on Aztec Military, Government, Religion, and Foodthe past few days to write a #hashtag to respond to the framing question, “Who were the Aztecs?” on the sticky note supplied.

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