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Friday, January 27

Today’s Learning: How did Asia contribute to global trade?

Warm Up: Please use the atlas on your table to help you locate and label the following cities on your Afroeurasian Trade Map:

Baghdad (p. 152, Nystrom Desk Atlas; p. 86, Nystrom World Atlas)

Beijing (p. 153, NDA; p. 86 NWA)

Mumbai (p. 152, NDA; p. 86, NWA)

Kashi (p. 168, NDA)/Kashgar

Class Work:¬†Follow these directions to complete your Asia Trade Map/Chart work. Hang on to your Afroeurasia Trade Map/Chart; we’ll need it when we study Standard 5.4.

Describe the stories you hear on today’s CNN 10 on p. 75 of your notebook.

Standards 5.3/5.4 Quiz, Thursday, February 2.

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