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Friday, October 28

Today’s Learning: Show what you know about how Rome went from a republic to an empire.

Warm Up:┬áPlease spend a few minutes reviewing your completed Review so you’re prepared for the Standard 3.4 Quiz you’ll be taking shortly.

Class Work:

  • Please open your Chromebooks
  • You may listen to music while you’re taking your assessments
  • Login to your Quia account
  • Go to this class period
  • Take the Standard 3.4 Quiz
  • Submit your results
  • Then go back to this class period on Quia
  • Take the 2016-2017 National Geography Bee Qualifying Test (remember, this test is scored but NOT recorded in Synergy)
  • Submit your results (we will print for corrections on Monday)
  • Find something quiet to do until you hear further instructions

Have a weekend and GBR!

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