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Monday, September 26

Today’s Learning: Compare the ancient Greek city states of Athens and Sparta.

Warm Up: Please close read Women and Treatment of Slaves, in Student Reading: Athens & Sparta a second time and complete the corresponding section (page 4) of Athens and Sparta Notes graphic organizer (Treatment of Women and Slaves). When you are finished, please find something quiet to do while waiting for classmates to finish.

Class Work: Formative activity: hold up the appropriate side of the note card in front of you – alpha for Athens, sigma for Sparta – to indicate which city state the following statements apply to:

  • This city state encouraged young people to read and write.
  • This city state heavily discouraged trade.
  • This city state valued military training and physical strength, even training young girls in foot racing, boxing, wrestling, and gymnastics.
  • The government of this city state was democratic.
  • The government of this city state was an oligarchy.
  • Slaves in this city state were called helots.

Respond to the questions on the Ancient Greece Video Guide as you view Ancient Greece.

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