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Thursday, March 24

Today’s Learning: How did the Black Death impact Afroeurasia?

Warm Up: Please respond to the following questions about how people in the 14th century reacted to the Black Death on p. 37 of your notebook. Use evidence from the primary documents studied yesterday to support your answers.

◼ How did scientific understanding in the 14th century contribute to the calamity?

◼ How is our understanding of medicine different today?

◼  How did people react to the plague 600 years ago, and how might people react to a similar situation today?

Class Work: Share your response to the warm up with your assigned travel partner.

Corroborate the information you have read previously with the video you watch today. Please divide p. 38 of your notebook into two columns. Title the left-hand column 14th Century Beliefs About the Plague; the right-hand column How the Plague Affected the People and Towns. Add information in the appropriate columns as you hear about it in The Plague.

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