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Friday, February 19

Today’s Learning: What was the significance of Chinggis Khan?

Warm Up: Based on what you learned yesterday, write down three things that made Chinggis Khan significant on p. 22 of your notebook.

Class Work: Interrogatory: The answer is Chinggis Khan. What is the question? Write your question on p. 22.

As you view this clip (from the beginning to 12:43) of Mankind: The Story of US, list at least two reasons Chinggis Khan would want to conquer China on p. 22 of your notebook, identify a negative effect of Chinggis Khan’s conquests, and identify a positive effect of Chinggis Khan’s conquests. Share your responses with your assigned partner.

Describe the stories you hear on today’s CNN Student News on p. 23 of your notebook.


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