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Thursday, January 7

Today’s Learning: How did Europe contribute to the global trade network during the Middle Ages?

Warm Up: On the chart on the back of your Afroeurasian Trade Map in the box for “Goods Produced” and “Europe”, write:

   -Wool, textiles, iron ore, lumber

Class Work: On the same chart, in the box for “Trade Routes” and “Europe”, write:

   -London to Genoa (sea)

   -Paris to Genoa (land)

   -Paris to Venice (land)

   -Genoa to Venice (sea)

   -Venice to Constantinople (sea)

Then, use a colored pencil to trace those routes on your Afroeurasian Trade Map, using dashed green lines for land routes and solid blue lines for sea routes.

Work quietly and independently to complete the Standard 5.1 Review using the sources listed on the white board.

Standard 5.1 Quiz, Friday, January 8.


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