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Thursday, October 8

Today’s Learning: Was Alexander of Macedonia great?

Warm Up: Please close read – annotate, highlight, underline – the article titled Alexander the Great on your table.

Class Work: Then predict how Alexander would feel about Persia and Greece on p. 33 of your notebook. Use evidence from the Alexander the Great article to support both of your predictions.

Please close read – annotate, highlight, underline – the Letter from Alexander to Darius. Then describe the tone of the letter in one word on p. 33 of your notebook.

Complete a second read of the document, and respond to the following Habits of Mind questions on p. 33:

Sourcing: What is the purpose of Alexander’s letter?

Contextualization: What events led to Alexander’s negative opinion of the Persians?

Close Reading: What claims does Alexander make about himself, and his empire? What evidence from the text supports these claims?

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