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Tuesday, February 3

Today’s Learning: Determine whether Mansa Musa was the wealthiest person ever.

Warm Up: Please finish answering these questions about the post about Mansa Musa in the Huffington Post on p. 12 of your notebook. Discuss your responses as a class.

Class Work: Take these notes over Mansa Musa on p. 14 of your notebook.

Examine another source to corroborate the claim in the Huffington Post article and answer these questions on p. 14 of your notebook over Document B: The Catalan Atlas:

1. (Sourcing) What kind of document is this? Who created it? When?
2. (Close Reading) What are two claims made by the post?
3. (Close Reading) What evidence does it use to support these claims?
4. Do you find this to be a trustworthy account of Mansa Musa? (Hint: Think about your answers to #1 and how they might impact the document.)

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