Distance Learning

Distance Learning can mean a lot of things, and can benefit students and teachers in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Extending the classroom
    • Through video conference solutions LPS is able to offer a few of our courses to students in other districts across the state.
    • Conversely, students in LPS high schools can remotely attend courses offered in other districts (or other LPS high schools)
  • Enrichment activities
    • With video conferencing equipment, teachers can bring experts into the classroom to enrich the learning experience for students through virtual field trips to zoos, museums, or other non-profits.
    • Librarians and teachers are able to set up classes to meet with authors of books they read and study.
  • Professional learning
    • LPS staff can sometimes avoid driving to remote locations to attend statewide committee meetings, conferences, and other obligations.

The Curriculum department is home to the LPS Digital Learning Coordinator.