TCA – The Career Academy

The Career Academy (TCA) is a joint venture between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College. It opened in the fall of 2015 with the goal of providing academic and real world experiences to high school juniors and seniors through high school and dual credit courses in many different career pathways.

Students attend TCA for two hours a day during the regular school year while taking their remaining courses back at their home high school. Transportation in the LPS district is provided, books are free, and tuition is free through scholarships or paid at a 50% discount to the regular SCC credit hour charge.

Expert instructors at TCA stretch the students while over 150 professionals in business and industry provide real world connections. These 150+ professionals serve on pathway support teams that advise, mentor, judge, provide field trips, and sometimes even offer internships for students at TCA.

Upon completing courses at TCA, every student has four options as to the next steps they may take. These outcomes include:

  • Enhanced employment opportunities because of the skills they acquired at TCA
  • Earned or be on the way to earning a certification if the field has one
  • Continue on at SCC or another community college to complete their 2-year degree.
  • Enroll in a four-year college by using those college credits that transfer.