Havelock Schools

Havelock High School

  • LOCATION: 6224 Logan Avenue
  • IN OPERATION: 1930·1940

Havelock Central Elementary School

  • LOCATION: 62nd & Morrill Streets
  • IN OPERATION: 1930·1979

The city of Havelock was annexed by Lincoln in 1930. Two small ward schools were closed upon annexation but Havelock High (including junior high) and Havelock Central Elementary School continued to operate.

In 1940 Havelock High was closed due to the opening of Northeast High. The junior high unit went on until 1953 when it was discontinued. For the remaining years of its life,
Havelock survived as an elementary school, which, in 1979, also came to an end.

Havelock’s buildings date from 1917 but were well maintained through the years. The High School serves as the Goodyear Recreation Center and a preschool occupies the elementary building.