LPS Positive Behavior Interventions and Support


School-wide PBiS is a system of supports that include proactive strategies, for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments.


Lincoln Public Schools is currently in a 5 year plan to fully implement Positive Behavior Interventions and Support in all elementary, middle, and high schools.  Lincoln Public Schools has implemented Tier 1 in all schools (Preschool-12).  The following Tier 1 critical elements are in place:

  1. School-wide PBiS Team
  2. Faculty/staff commitment
  3. School-wide expectations and rules developed
  4. Plans for teaching expectations/rules
  5. Acknowledgement program established
  6. Effective procedures for dealing with problem behaviors
  7. Data entry and analysis plan
  8. Classroom systems
  9. Evaluation
  10. Implementation plan

School teams have all established a building internal coach who will lead their PBiS efforts.  The PBiS teams have a district coach assigned to assist with implementation.  Lincoln Public Schools have also been extremely fortunate to collaborate with consultants from the Midwest PBiS Network.

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Shaping Prosocial Behavior

Young people need social and emotional skills to succeed in school and in our communities. We shape students behavior to increase self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. These skills are shown to reduce emotional distress, prevent conduct problems, and contribute to higher academic achievement. Social and emotional skills are also critical in building trusting relationships with each other and they encourage students to be engaged in school. We are constantly shaping behavior through our words and actions. Even subtle facial expressions, voice tone, and body language signal positive intentions.

Here are a few ways that we at ___________( name of school) work endlessly to shape pro-social behaviors.

  • Intentionally build relationships with students
  • Directly and frequently teach positive expectations
  • Directly and frequently acknowledge prosocial behaviors
  • Conflicts are resolved by dialogue that gets at the root of the conflict and identifies best ways to move forward

Why PBIS: Evidence for School-Wide PBIS

Why PBIS:  Evidence for School-Wide PBIS

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