LPS Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

School-wide PBiS is a system of supports that include proactive strategies, for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments.

Research supports that the PBIS framework, implemented with fidelity, provides a school-wide, systematic, tiered approach that leads to increased student achievement and reduced classroom disruptions and student suspensions.

More importantly, PBIS is not a curriculum, program, intervention or practice but is a decision-making framework that guides selection and implementation of research based practices and interventions for improving student outcomes for all students.

Tier 1 Supports:

  • Tier 1 includes all the supports offered to all students to help students meet behavior expectations.

Tier 2 Supports:

  • Tier 2 is designed to provide targeted group interventions to support students who are needing additional supports.

Tier 3 Supports:

  • Tier 3 is designed to provide individualized interventions.  For each intervention, either FBA/BIP or WRAP/RENEW, an individualized team specific to the student and the student’s needs is developed.

LPS PBiS Infographic

Why PBIS: Evidence for School-Wide PBIS

Why PBIS:  Evidence for School-Wide PBIS

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