8th Grade Learn About Concussions


The week of February 13, 2017, the 8th Grade Health classes learned about Concussions from the School Nurse.

Students learned:

  • any head injury can lead to a concussion
  • the most common sign of a concussion is headache
  • multiple concussions over time can result in lasting, irreversible damage to body functions
  • prevention: use of bike helmets, seat belts, follow sports safety guidelines, body awareness, and report bumps to the head/neck to parent, school nurse, coach, trainer, teacher.


School Administrators have a ‘Return to Learn Plan’ and a ‘Return to Play Plan’ for students after a concussion occurs.


Paulette Kuhlman RN

Park School Nurse




State of Nebraska Statute:

Students entering 7th Grade the fall of 2017-2018, will be required to have a physical or well child examination completed.  A TDaP (pertussis booster) is also required before the start of school.  Health Office staff are sending notices home with all current 6th grade students the last two weeks of February.  Please look for these forms from your student and schedule the appointments, return the forms to the Health Office as soon as possible.  Thank you!