Our class Valentine’s Day party will be held next Wednesday from 1:00 – 2:00. Parents are welcome to join if they have filled out the volunteer forms with LPS and have been cleared to be in the classroom. 

The district is asking that we refrain from bringing edible treats this year. You may send small items like erasers, pencils, stickers, or just cards. Thank you for your understanding.


Clothes Study

Welcome back Adams Preschoolers! We are excited to see all of you at school today! For the next quarter, we will be studying clothes. We will learn what kinds of clothes people wear, how they are made, and where we get clothes. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th, I would like your child to wear a piece of clothing that is special to them. It could be a shirt they love, a dress or even fun socks. We will be discussing what makes these items special to us. 


For the last few weeks, we have been learning all about trees! We have learned the parts of trees, what grows on trees, and who lives in trees. We learned that a deciduous tree loses its leaves and an evergreen stays green all year long. Next week we will learn about arborist and how they keep trees healthy. If any of our families knows an expert on trees, please contact me! We would love to have a visitor to our class. Today we made applesauce because we know that apples grow on trees!

Fire Engine Visit

Our class has been learning some very important safety lessons the past few weeks. We learned how to ask for help when we are lost, street safety, car safety, gun safety and fire safety.  We had a visit from Engine 6 to show us what the firefighters do in a fire to keep us safe. We got to see the fire engine and even spray the hose! Click the link below to see all the photos.

Fire Engine 6 Visit



We have been so busy in September! We have added four new friends to our class. Eve, Jimena, Maya Rose and Lana Rain. We are practicing welcoming them by saying, “Hello. My name is _______. What’s your name?”  They are all very friendly and helping to teach our new friends our routines. We have also been busy working on our fine motor skills. This will strengthen our fingers to help with holding that pencil. 

We took a walking field trip to Super Saver and got a little hot and sweaty, but had a lot of fun. The children got to cool off in the store and then got a cookie from the bakery department. This was their favorite part! We then used those apples to have a taste test to find which one we liked the most. We learned what a Tally mark was and tallied our responses. We also talked about how there are 7 different languages used by our families this year. We practiced saying Apple in all 7 languages! They loved learning more about each other. 

And a reminder to sign up for our class Instagram account  adamspreschool17 to see the most updated pictures from our class! 

Library visit and first weeks

Mrs. Cassel teaching us book rules