First Weeks!

We are having a great first few weeks at school! We have been learning all the rules of the classroom and school. We know that we use safe hands and walking feet in the classroom. For our Second Steps lesson, we learned how to greet new people. We say, “Hello, my name is ____.” We also learned how to stay safe in the car and when crossing the street.

We are trying a lot of new foods too! We got hard boiled eggs today for snack and most of them loved them! They were all gone at the end of snack. We have had pizza, burgers, and cherry chicken. We are excited to see what is next!

First Day!

We had a fantastic first day! We met new friends and learned new names. We had yogurt for snack and pizza for lunch. Yummy! Your child should be tired and that is normal. We will be working hard at learning the rules and how the classroom works. Have a great night!

Class Instagram Account

This year we will have a private instagram account that I will use to post pictures of everything we do. Only authorized users will have access to this account. If you search adamspreschool18 and ask for access, I will authorize you.