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Diff. Chemistry Semester 2 Notes & Worksheets

Semester 2 Introduction/Expectations:

Semester 2 Syllabus and Diff. Chemistry Expectations

Lab Safety Rules

Lab Safety Contract

C11 Periodic Table:

C11 Notes:

C11 Assignments:

C11 Labs/Activities:

C11 Practice Exams and Answers:

C12 Elements-A closer look!

C12 Notes:

C12 Assignments:

C12 Labs/Activities:

C12 Practice Exams and Answers:

 C13 Chemical Bonding

C13 Notes:

C13 Assignments:

C13 Labs/Activities:

C13 Practice Tests/Answers:

C14 Condensed States of Matter

C14 Notes: 

C14 Assignments:

C14 Labs/Activities:

C14 Practice Tests/Answers:

C15 Solutions

C15 Notes:

  • Solutions Powerpoint

C15 Assignments:

C15 Labs/Activities:

C15 Practice Exams and Answers:

C16: Thermodynamics!

C16 Notes:

C16 Powerpoint notes (1st Law -> Enthalpy)

C16 Assignments:

C16 Labs/Activities:

C16 Practice Exams:

C17 Reaction Rates (Kinetics)

C17 Notes:

C17 Assignments:

C17 Labs/Activities:

C17 Practice Exams:

 C18 Reaction Equilibrium

C18 Notes:

C18 Assignments:

C18 Labs/Activities:

C18 Practice Exams:

C19 Acids and Bases

C19 Notes:

 C19 Assignments:

C19 Labs/Activities:

C19 Practice Exams:

C22 Introduction to Organic Chemistry

C22 Notes:

C22 Assignments:

C22 Labs/Activities:

C22 Practice Exams:

  • C22 Practice Test
  • C22 Practice Test Answers