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Applied Chemistry Semester 2 Notes & Worksheets

Semester 2 Introduction/Expectations:

Semester 2 Syllabus and Applied Chemistry Expectations

Lab Safety Rules

Lab Safety Contract

C9 Bonding and Atoms

C9 Notes:

C9 Assignments:

  • Read C9

C9 Labs/Activities:

C9 Practice Exams:

C10 Kinetic Theory of Matter

C10 Notes:

C10 Assignments:

C10 Labs/Activities:

  • Amorphous Materials and Glass Blowing
  • Heating and cooling curves of water
  • Vapor Pressure of water

C10 Practice Exams:

C11 Gases

C11 Notes:

C11 Powerpoint Notes (Includes Vocabulary Assignment)

C11 Assignments:

C11 Labs/Activities:

C11 Practice Exams:

C12 The Mole

C12 Notes:

C12 Powerpoint Notes.  (Includes Vocabulary Assignment)

C12 Assignments:

C12 Labs/Activities:

C12 Practice Exams:

C13 Condensed States of Matter

C13 Notes:

C13 Powerpoint Notes (Includes Vocabulary Assignment)

C13 Assignments:

C13 Labs/Activities:

C13 Practice Exams:

  • C13 Practice Test/Review
  • C13 Practice Test/Review Answers!

C14 Introduction to Acids and Bases

C14 Notes:

C14 Assignments:

C14 Labs/Activities:

C14 Practice Exams:

  • C14 Practice Test/Review
  • C14 Practice Test/Review with Answers

C15 Acid and Base Neutralization Reactions

C15 Notes:

  • Using C14 Notes on Neutralization.

C15 Assignments:

  • Read C15
  • C15 Vocabulary (see powerpoint notes of list of words)

C15 Labs/Activities:

C15 Practice Exams:

  • C15 Practice Test/Review
  • C15 Practice Test/Review with Answers

C21 Nuclear Chemistry

C21 Notes:

C21 Assignments:

C21 Labs/Activities:

C21 Practice Exams:

  • C21 Practice Test with Answers
  • C21 Practice Test