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Applied Chemistry Semester 1 Notes & Worksheets

Chapter 1: The Science of Matter

C1 Notes:

C1 Assignments:

  • Read C1
  • C1 Vocabulary (see ppt notes for list)

C1 Labs/Activities:

C1 Practice Exams:

C2:  Matter is Made up of Atoms

C2 Notes:

C2 Assignments:

C2 Labs/Activities:

  • Black Box Activity
  • Atomic Theory Activity

C2 Practice Exams:

C3: Introduction to the Periodic Table

C3 Notes:

C3 Assignments:

C3 Labs/Activities:

C3 Practice Exams:

C4 Formation of Compounds

C4 Notes:

C4 Assignments:

C4 Labs/Activities:

C4 Practice Exams:

C5 Types of Compounds

C5 Notes:

C5 Assignments:

C5 Labs/Activities:

C5 Practice Tests:

  • C5 Practice Test
  • C5 Practice Test Answers

C6 Chemical Reactions and Equations

C6 Notes:

C6 Assignments:

C6 Labs/Activities:

C6 Practice Exams:

C8 Periodic Table-Properties of Elements

C8 Notes:

C8 Assignments:

C8 Labs/Activities:

  • Mini Lab p.262 Atomic Radii
  • Reactions and Ions of Alkaline Earth Metals p.266-7

C8 Practice Test:

  • C8 Practice Test
  • C8 Practice Test Answers