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Monday, February 5, 2018

Today is an X day


*What’s for lunch?:  

Chicken Nuggets w/ Biscuit

Turkey Hot Dog on Bun

Philly Cheese Sandwich

Lil’ Nacho Bites

Chef Salad or Meatless Salad w/ Roll

(Side dishes: crinkle fries, Romaine lettuce salad, strawberry cup, pineapple tidbits)



*Clubs/Activities for the week of February 5th-9th:

Monday, February 5th: 6th grade band (Room 105 from 3-4 PM)

Tuesday, February 6thParent/Teacher Conferences (3:30-6:30 PM)

Wednesday, February 7th:  Choir Club (Room 106 from 7:00-7:45 AM)

GirlUP Club (Room 229 from 3:15-4:15 PM)

Science Olympiad (Room 221 from 3-4 PM)

6th grade orchestra (Room 105 from 3-4 PM)

Thursday, February 8thParent/Teacher Conferences (3:30-6:30 PM


*Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held tomorrow, February 6th and Thursday, February 8th from 3:30-6:30 PM.  You can attend either day.  6th grade teachers will be located in their classrooms while 7th/8th grade and elective teachers will be in the cafeteria.  Please limit your time to 5 minutes per teacher to allow everyone the opportunity to conference.


*The Scholastic Book Fair is happening next week in the Moore Media Center.  Students will have the opportunity to visit during the school day, and it will also be open during Parent/Teacher Conferences tomorrow, February 6th and Thursday, February 8th from 3:30-6:30 PM.


*Student Council WILL NOT be meeting this Wednesday, February 7th.  Their next meeting is Wednesday, February 14th at 7:15 AM.


*If you’re an 8th grader who’s planning on attending East High School and might be interested in applying for Student Council, applications are available in the main office or from Mr. Ruisinger and need to be returned to the office or to the East office by Friday, February 9th.


*It’s a Moore Middle School logo contest!  Any student, staff member, parent or community member can submit a design, but there are some requirements! The design must easily fit on an 8×10 piece of paper.  You must include the colors purple and black with optional colors being white, silver or gray- NO MORE THAN 3 colors please!  Text could include either Moore Middle School or Moore Mountains Lions.  Your imagery could be a mountain lion or maybe a mountain lion’s paw, face, or tail.  Designs should be clean, sharp, and simple.  ALL GOOGLE IMAGES are copyrighted and can’t be used!

You can turn in your printed designs to the main office by 3:00 PM today. Images of the finalists will be posted at Parent/Teacher Conferences near the lunchroom.  A student vote will take place during school at a later time.  Winners will learn how their draft goes on to become a T-shirt design.  Those logos will be used for apparel items to be sold in March!


*The LPS Oral Spelling Bee will be Saturday, February 10, 2018 at Culler Middle School.  The Spelling Bee is open to students in grades 5-8.  More information is available in the main office or from your English teacher.  Information is also available in the Parent Center on the LPS website.


*Moore Middle School is collecting Box Tops 4 Education!  You can drop them off by the robot in the Media Center.


 “The Moore we believe, the Moore we become.”

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