This I Believe – Gary Czapla

“This I Believe”

I believe in family, friends, laughter and working hard to create opportunities for all people.  I am a better person because of those around me who helped guide and continue to guide me through my journey.  I am indebted to everyone because I learn from everyone.  I am the 6th of 7 children and I believe in public school and the power a public school education can have on the future of every student.  I believe in the importance the impact one teacher can have on the future of a child as I have been the beneficiary of a teacher who believed that a shy, insecure student could one day be the principal of a new middle school.  Teachers are difference makers and have the ability to change the trajectory of the students they serve.

I believe in each and every child and will work every day to ensure that any student who passes through the doors of Moore Middle School will be treated with the upmost dignity. I will work side by side with each of you to challenge every student to reach their full potential.  I will help provide opportunities and help tear down barriers so that each student finds their voice and are able to tell their own story.  Our students deserve my best every day and it is my moral duty as an educator, as a person to always be at my best.

I believe I have the greatest opportunity to represent one of the finest educators, in the history of education, Dr. Marilyn Moore.    I am inspired every time I see the name on our school and I believe it is my duty to emulate the same characteristics Dr. Moore brought to our schools and bring to our community.  Caring, smart, humorous compassionate, honest, humble and incredible work ethic is who Dr. Moore is and who I aspire to be.  I believe I owe it to her to help create a school that is worthy of her.  She deserves to be represented in the upmost professional manner and I believe we have the staff assembled to live up to her standard.

I believe in each and every one of you.  I am in awe of the potential in each of you and I am beyond thrilled to think of the possibilities we can create when we collectively combine our talents.  I believe that each of us brings a voice to this school and no one voice is any more or less important.  Each of us has the responsibility to ourselves and each other to bring our best every day to create a legacy at Moore Middle School that extends long beyond our tenure.  I believe individually we are a very talented but I also believe we can be so much more if we combine our talents to create something truly wonderful for not only students and the community but for ourselves.  While it is important what I believe, it is more important what you believe and ultimately what we believe together to create Moore Middle School.  This

This is what I believe, now what do you believe?

~ Dr. Gary Czapla