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These are expectations for Spanish class and keys to success. Key: key


Rationale for succeeding in high school: I believe that the time during the high school years is when each young person learns about the responsibilities and goals of life which continues after high school.

Based on my rationale, I have some guidelines which will allow you to succeed, not only in Spanish class, but also in life. Life happens! You may not always agree, but the guidelines are designed to guide you and help you be successful.

Compare these guidelines to a job and you will see the similarities.

1. Enter class each day on time and ready to learn. Being in class and participating is very important to learning a language. Please adjust your schedule so that you arrive on time. Start class with a clean positive slate! Please be courteous! Negative comments about your classmates, class, or me will not be tolerated and will result in a parent phone call and/or a referral.

2. Immediately as you enter the room, put away all distracting objects (drinks, food, candy, gum, toys). Nearly every day we start class with a sponge (an activity to squeeze out the information from the day before for a review).  Work on this right away! Some days this will be worth points, other days it won’t.

3. Almost every day you will have practice (la práctica).

4. La práctica is due when I ask for it. This is where that responsibility factor comes in! You knew the day before that I would ask for the practice and you should have it done. However, I know that there are things that happen that can keep you from completing your práctica. So, for work that is NOT completed on time this is our World Language Policy.  Formative assignments are due by the end of each lesson and for summative assignments a 10 day window.

5. It is suggested that you purchase a 3 ring binder (with rings) in order to organize your notes, worksheets, and vocabulary lists.

6. If you are absent you need to check the la práctica sheet to see what you missed. When you miss an assignment, quiz, test, performance or video you will need to complete the missing items.  You will need to set up a time to come in to do these- either before or after school or during lunch.  If you follow this guideline you won’t become so far behind trying to make up absence work while at the same time trying to keep up with the new assignments.

7. Grades. You should check your grade frequently and know where you stand. Keep track of your points in your notebook. Let your parents know how you are doing when they ask that question, How was school? You may also e-mail me for a grade update. If you see a problem with your grade, come and talk with me so that we can work together to solve it. I don’t know what you’re thinking unless you talk with me.

8. Spanish 3 -Current event about a Spanish speaking country due every Friday. There is no extra time since you already have a five day window.

9. Grades will consist of  formative and summative assessments, performances, and in class participation including speaking and group activities which are formative or summative assessments.

A 90-100

B+ 85-89

B 80-84

C+ 75-79

C 70-74

D+ 65-69

D 60-64

F 59 and below

9. Extra Credit is not an option. Alternative academic opportunities will be provided for students to demonstrate
essential learning proficiencies.

10. We also have a World Language Office. It is room 222. If I am not in room 234 check the office.

11. I (Sra. Johnson) am available before and/or after school and during my plan period. During those same times, I’m available by phone. The school phone number is 436-1303. You may also leave me a message and I will return your call. Another faster and easier option may be e-mail. My e-mail address is:



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