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7th grade coaches –Katie Hammond, Nicki Hanseling
8th grade coaches –DeAnna Pillen, Megan Bolmer

There will be an informational meeting on Monday, August 20th in the West Gym at 3:15-3:30 pm. 

Try-outs will be August 22nd (for last names beginning with A-M) and 23rd (for last names beginning with N-Z). Practices will begin on Monday, August 27th. 


Practice Schedule:

7th Grade- TBD



8th Grade- TBD






Lincoln Public Schools has a closed practice policy. Parents are asked to wait in the parking lot for student athletes to leave practice at 4:20. Thank you for supporting  your athletes, and for supporting Mickle Athletics.

3:05 – Report to Locker Room
3:10 – Report to Coaches / Practice area
4:20 – Practice ends
4:30 – Athletes picked up or walk off campus



A team – 8:30
B team – 9:30
C team – 10:30




National Federation Rules will apply with the following modifications

* Schools will play 3 matches at each grade level (A / B / C ). Play will be the best two out of three sets or a maximum time limit of 45 minutes for the game match. Games will be played to 25 points – determined by rally scoring.


1) Schools will play by grade level only.

2) Competition will be arranged for 3 matches per grade level.

3) The Mickle Volleyball team will be divided into 3 level teams:

“A” team – most skilled / experienced athletes
“B” team – next level of skill and experience
“C” team – novice / beginning level

4) Substitutions – players may rotate in freely for any player. This rule should not be abused. For example, a good server who is subbed in will need to play a full rotation.

5) Boys may participate during the week – but are not allowed to compete on Saturday mornings. Each school has the option to offer a boys or coed program and competitions may be scheduled on level of interest.

6) If any grade level has only six player per team, two of the LEAST skilled players will be allowed to swing to the next skill level only. (A to B and B to C) These players will not be starters and will serve as subs. Competition must remain as equal as possible to all athletes have an opportunity to play.

7) In the event a match becomes very one sided, both coaches and the host Athletic Director, if all in agreement at the end of the first set, may implement a five-serve rule for games two and three. A server may not serve more than five consecutive times. Upon reaching five serves, the serving team must rotate. (Side Out)

8) T- shirts (uniforms) will be provided by Mickle Middle School.
Replacement fee for lost or damaged shirts is $5. Comfortable tennis / court shoes are recommended for safety and support – no special shoes are designated. Knee pads are recommended but are not mandatory.