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Spring Track

For weather updates please check back to this site, LPS athletic Twitter page @LPSathletics, or KLIN / KFOR am radio to find out the latest on game/meet information.

Students are asked to participate in at least three practices per week in order to compete in the week’s meet. Students working on homework/projects will not be penalized for missing, but we must allow students with better attendance entry into events before students that miss. 

COACHES: Jocelyn Crabtree (LNE teacher), Trenton Stump (Mickle teacher), Hannah Schroeder (Mickle teacher), Steven Montgomery (Mickle teacher), Alex Olson (Mickle teacher), Dion Gaston, Tanya Bokma, Ryan Baker Mickle is fortunate to have experienced coaches who are currently attending college in the field of education and who participated in track during their own school careers. Many coaches are Mickle teachers, and/or returning intramural staff and enjoy working with the athletes at Mickle.


3:05 – Change out at Mickle

3:10 – Meet w/ coaches (Some practices may be held at Northeast)

4:20 – Return to Mickle (If we’re coming from LNE, we might be a few minutes late some days)

4:30 – Athletes off campus / picked up / or walk home.



MEET SCHEDULE 2018: National Federation Rules Apply – No Team Scores will be kept.


All athletes must find their own transportation to the events, as well as any food/drink he/she might need.  

* Events will be held on Saturday mornings at the posted High School sites. Students are encouraged to bring healthy – hydrating drinks / light snacks.

8 a.m – Athletes arrive (High jumpers @7:50) (High Jump will begin as soon as possible)

8:30 – All other Field Events start

9:30 – Running Events begin


All City Meet- The top 3 athletes in each event (in each grade level and gender) will qualify for the All City Meet on May 3rd and 4th. Field Events will take place on May 3rd, Running Events on May 4th.


EXPECTATIONS / GUIDELINES: * Athletes may participate in 4 or less events. (including relays) To help us determine event placement – the following expectations will be taken into consideration. Mickle is allowed no more than 8 athletes per event. If there is a surplus of athletes in an event area – we will use a rotation basis for students to participate and complete.

* Attendance: Please notify by note or phone or email if your child needs to miss practice. We acknowledge that athletes need to attend other clubs and academic responsibilities. Students are asked to turn in their other obligations w/in the first week of practice. Unexcused absences may result in being scratched from an event so that another athlete may participate.

* Effort / Attitude / Participation: These factors will be taken into consideration when determining event selection. Parents will be notified by the Athletic Director of behavioral concerns. Serious infractions may result in immediate dismissal from the team. We encourage that athletes try out for events they will be successful in.

*Discipline: Coaches and staff will be following the Mickle School Wide Expectations of “Be Safe – Be Respectful – Be Responsible” . The following communication will take place with athletes and discipline concerns: Incident 1) Coach will privately meet with the athlete and alert the Athletic Director. Incident 2) The Athletic Director will meet with the student and coach. Student will be asked to inform their parent that any more incidents and they will be asked to leave the team. Incident 3) Student will be asked to exit the team. The Athletic Director will notify the parent/guardian. Serious infractions involving fighting, vandalism, harassment will not be tolerated and athletes will be asked not to return to practice for the remainder of the season.

MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION * Each school may have 4-5 individuals in each event – 2 Relay teams allowed. * An athlete will compete in 4 or less events. * Starting will be done by pistol. “Runners Set” and shot fired. * Athletes will have 3 attempts with the shot put, high jump, and long jump.

HIGH JUMP (Approx. 8 a.m. start) * Starting height is 3’6” for girls, 4′ for boys

* 3 attempts at each height

* Raised 3 inches each round

* After 3 rounds – bar raised 2”

SHOT PUT (8:30 start) * Boys and Girls use a 4 kilo shot. * 3 throws allowed.

LONG JUMP (8:30 Start) * Jumpers each have 3 turns.

RUNNING EVENTS Order ( Approx. 9:30 start)

1600m run (long distance) 4 times around track.

100 m hurdles

100 m dash (sprint)

400 m dash (medium sprint) 1 time around track

200 m. dash (sprint)

800 m run – 2 times around track

400 m. relay – each leg runs 100 meters

1600 m. relay – each leg runs one lap