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Co-Ed Wrestling

Mickle (Coed) Wrestling 

COACHES:  Steve Burns (LNE coach and returning coach)

PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Mon-Fri, 3:10-4:30. We will not practice on PLC days.

– All interested wrestlers report to the gym by 3:05.
Practice ends by 4:30 and all wrestlers need to be off campus by 4:35.





8:00 – Wrestlers Report to Site. 9:00 -First Match.

7th / 8th Coed Wrestling Guidelines
National Federation Rules will apply with the following modifications:

Under 64, 65-70, 71-75, 76-80, 81-85, 86-90, 91-95, 96-100,
101-105, 106-110, 111-115, 116-120, 121-125, 126-130,
131-135, 136-140, 141-145, 146-150, 151-155, 156-160,
161-165, 166-170, 171-175, 176-180, 181-185, 186-190,
191-195, 196-200, Over 200.

* No Team Scores Will Be Kept.
* Weigh Ins will be conducted at the home school locations under the supervision of the intramural personnel, prior to the meet.
* If a wrestler weighs in and is over or under his/her usual weight class, he/she may wrestle in another weight class.
* Every attempt should be made to have wrestlers wrestle at their own grade level in their own weight class. Coaches from both schools should take into consideration both wrestlers’ ability before allowing a 7th grader to wrestle an 8th grader.
* Head gear is optional.
* Wrestlers will start in a neutral standing position for the First period. Second and Third periods will be the wrestler’s choice.

* Points are awarded as follows:
2 points – Take Down
2 points – Reverse
1 point – Escape
2 or 3 points – Near Fall

* A fall terminates a match.
* Matches will consist of three, 1 min. rounds, with an optional 30-second rest between rounds.
* In case of a tie, an overtime period will be started and will end with the first take down, or the first point scored.
* Coaches may not take requests to move around matches to accommodate a student’s personal schedule