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Boys’ Basketball

Pay attention to the news, radio, and twitter (  updates for latest information.

Sign Up sheets will be posted in main hallway on Wednesday, December 5th.

Please make sure students have signed medical red cards PRIOR to the start of tryouts Dec. 17th and Dec. 19th, 2017.

Last Names A-M: Tryout on Dec. 17

Last Names N-Z: Tryout on Dec. 19

Try outs are conducted to determine skill team levels (A / B / C)


8th grade – Mr. Olson, Mr. Montgomery

 7th grade – Mrs. Benjamin, Erik Hite (LNE student volunteer)


8th Practice schedule


See posted schedule for practice times.

7th Practice Schedule


3:05 – Report to Locker Room / change out
3:10 – Report to coaches / gym / for practice
4:30 – Practice ends
4:35 – Athletes picked up or walk home safely

* You may bring your own seats *
* Non-Participating students will be asked to leave *

8:00 – “A” Team Report / Game at 8:30
9:15 – “B” Team Report / Game at 9:30
10:15 – “C” Team Report / Game at 10:30

Games Dates/Locations





National Federation Rules apply with the following modifications

1) Schools will play by grade level only.
Each skill level will play the same skill level from another school.

2) Competitions will be held on Saturday mornings. A school with 20 or more players will be required to field 3 teams. If any grade level team has only 5 players on competition day – then only 2 of the least skilled athletes may swing down and compete in that day’s game.

3) Boys will use a 28.5 Ball

20 minute halves
5 minute half-time
2 full timeouts per game (clock will be stopped)
2 30 second timeouts per game

4) If within the last 2 minutes of the game – the score is within 6 points – the clock will stop for all dead balls. Once this procedure has begun it will be used the remainder of the game – regardless of the point spread.

5) Tied games will result in a 2 minute overtime. If the game should be tied after the overtime period, the game results in a tie.

6) Personal fouls (after 5 fouls a player will be removed from the game), team fouls, and timeouts will be recorded.

7) 20 Point Rule: There will be no court presses or fast breaks if the point spread is over 20 points. Teams that violate this the first time will be warned. If violated again – the opposing team will shoot two free throws and the ball will be awarded to that same team for an out of bounds play.

NOTE – The defensive team may choose to press when the offensive team is ahead by 20. If the offense breaks this press by throwing the ball long – it is not a fast break.

**Please do not approach coaches with concerns after a game. Email or call to set up a meeting if you have questions or concerns. Our coaches want all students to have the best experience possible, and we can all get emotional during and after games.