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Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer

Coaches: Steven Montgomery, Alex Olson, Keith Lloyd

There will be an informational meeting on Monday, August 20th in the West Gym at 3:15 pm. 

Try-outs for soccer will be on August 22nd and 23rd with practices beginning on Friday, August 24th. 

All athletes will practice on Mondays-Fridays. 


2018-2019 Middle Level Schedules – Soccer


Lincoln Public Schools has a closed practice policy. Parents are asked to wait in the parking lot for student athletes to leave practice at 4:20. Thank you for supporting  your athletes, and for supporting Mickle Athletics.


Begin Sept. 8th. Roper Elementary
“Mickle 1” indicates the boys’ “A” team
“Mickle 2” indicates the boys’ “B” team

“Mickle 1” indicates the girls’ “A” team
“Mickle 2” indicates the girls’ “B” team







BALL: Size 5 ball will be used for all competitions

SHOES: Soccer cleats, turf or tennis shoes are allowed. No screw in cleats should be worn and not front toe cleat will be allowed. (No baseball or football cleats)

JEWELRY: Players should not wear anything, which is dangerous. i.e rings, earrings, watches, etc. Jersey shirts are provided by the school.