Yearbooks 2016-17

Yearbooks can be ordered starting the first day of school

Where to order: Room 125
When: 7:30am – 8:00am
Cost: $20
Who to give money to: Mrs. Searls

Parents and students should NOT give money to the Office Secretaries, Security Entrance Monitor or any of their teachers. Mrs. Searls will write a receipt for the check or cash which will be the only way a student can be guaranteed a yearbook. Receipts should be kept until distribution day in case the student does not receive a book. Secretaries, SEM or teachers cannot write the yearbook receipt and Mrs. Searls will gather other information from the student to help ensure they receive their book.

Yearbooks can also be ordered from Aug 8 – April 30 using the following link. A service fee may be charged.

Buy a Yearbook

Check to see if your student has ordered a yearbook (requires student google account information)
Yearbooks ordered