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Robin Mickle

Robin S. Mickle

Robin S. Mickle

Robin Mickle Junior High, built in 1960, was the third junior high school built in Lincoln. The 110,233 square foot school cost $1,099,800.00. The school was named after Robin S. Mickle. Mr. Mickle came to Northeast High School when it began in 1940 as director of counseling and was principal of Northeast from 1945 until September 25, 1957. He worked in the Lincoln Public School system for 31 years.

Mickle was built at the edge of Lincoln city limits. There was nothing east of the school except farms. All one could see to the east of Mickle was the Hill Hatchery Turkey Farm and the University of Nebraska Swine Farm.

Mickle’s early reputation as a good junior high school encouraged a rapid growth of homes. Soon the enrollment was so large that ten additional rooms needed to be built. The East Wing was ready for classroom use in January, 1964, enlarging Mickle’s capacity of 750 students to 1000 students.

In September of 1993, Mickle began the process of becoming a middle school. Sixth graders entered Mickle and ninth graders left. The 2003-2004 school brought about our final middle school adoptions as the entire district moved to an elementary (K-5), middle (6-8), high school (9-12) model.

In 2009, Mickle finished extensive renovations to eliminate the need of portables on our campus. The main features of the renovation are the addition of 12 new classrooms, 3 special education classrooms, a counseling center, a gym, a fitness room, adding an elevator to the East Wing to make the entire facility accessible, and adding a ground- coupled heat pump system to provide energy efficient heating and air-conditioning to the entire facility.