Principal Gene Thompson

How we Make Mickle the Most

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBiS) is a framework for improving school climate, reduces discipline issues and supports academic achievement. There are five essential features to the PBiS Framework.

  •      Development of school wide Expectations
  •      Teaching of school wide Expectations
  •      Development/Implementation of a school wide acknowledgement system
  •      Development/Implementation of a consistent discipline system
  •      Use of data to make decisions.

When behavioral expectations are clearly established and taught in the home, children’s problem behavior is prevented or reduced.  At Mickle, the behavior expectations are Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be A Learner.

What does it mean to be responsible?  At school, being responsible is one of our expectations that we teach, practice and acknowledge.  Students learn to be responsible in the classroom by having materials ready and giving their best effort.  In the hallways they are responsible by staying in line order and in the gym by putting equipment away.  We are consistent in what we expect for how it looks and sounds to beresponsible.  A way to support what it means to be responsible would be to talk about what it looks and sounds like to be responsible at home.  During dinner time we set the table, get food ready and clean up afterwards.  Being responsible with their toys is putting them away after they are done using them.  Point out to your child what you see them doing to be responsible.  Doing this will help support the hard work we do to teach what it means to be a responsible citizens.

Gene Thompson – Principal