Principal Gene Thompson

What do we hope to accomplish for the upcoming year?
As part of the Continuous School Improvement Process, we have identified a building wide academic goal that we believe can have a positive impact on student learning in all curricular areas.

Our academic focus is to improve student reading comprehension. As learners, when we are able to understand what we read, we have access to information and content knowledge that supports instruction and improves learning.

One of the ways we can determine if students comprehend what they read is to give them time to process the information. We can ask students to write down or verbally share their understanding of what they have read. As we evaluate student understanding, we are also able to practice and build writing and oral communication skills.

What is PBIS? Why is this important for students?
Positive Behavior Intervention System is a school-wide approach that emphasizes proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment.

It is important for students in several ways:
· Teaches students to accept responsibility for their learning and their actions.
· Encourages students to set goals and give their best effort to achieve high academic standards.
· Teaches students appropriate behavior towards other students and staff.
· Students learn to encourage each other in an atmosphere of support.

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Gene Thompson, Principal