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The Beyonders: A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull

From the author of Fablehaven comes a brand new series.  This is the first in what will become a trilogy.  Jason is spending an ordinary day working at the zoo, when he is suddenly transported into a new world.  The new world is ruled by an evil wizard emperor.  Jason accidentally finds himself engaged in trying to defeat the emperor.  He must gather up all the syllables to a magic word he can use to defeat the emperor.  This sends him across the land gaining allies and escaping trouble.  A whirlwind fantasy that will leaving you wondering if Jason has what it takes to become a hero.  For those who enjoy fantasy and adventure, this will be one to pick up.

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Hero by Mike Lupica

Mike Lupica is well known for writing winning sports books. Hero is a completely different book, but Lupica shows he can handle another genre.  Zach’s father is always out saving the world’s problems.  Suddenly Zach’s dad is gone and some weird things start happening to Zach.  He discovers he has a sense of when trouble is going to happen, and he feels and is more powerful.  There is also an old man sending confusing messages to Zach, making him unsure of who to trust or believe.  The book is set up for a sequel, which Lupica has stated he has begun work on, but no date is known for when it will be released.  The book is strong enough though to stand up on it’s own.  Fans of Lupica’s work will want to check out this new book and those who like superhero books will find a new author to enjoy.  Look below for the trailer to the book.

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Found by Margaret Haddix

This is the first book in the Missing Series.  A plane has suddenly appeared in an airport, and all that is on the plane are babies.  Flash forward 13 years meeting Jonah and Chip.  Both boys receive mysterious letters in their mailbox letting them know they are one of the missing.  What unfolds is a mystery where Jonah, Chip, and Jonah’s sister Katherine try to figure out where the boys have come from and what is the meaning behind the letters.

When reading the book I was finding myself being drawn into the story and the characters.  I was continuously questioning what was happening in the story and wondering what would happen next.  If you liked Eleven by Patricia Riley Giff,  you will enjoy this book.

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