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Pyrtle Library Mission Statement: In our library, we will collaborate to prepare responsible, independent users of information who embrace the enjoyment of reading.

Checkout Schedule Quarter 2

Ms. Johnson: Thursdays

Mrs. Painter: Wednesdays

Mrs. Young: Fridays

Mrs. Brandt: Day 2

Ms. Hames: Day 1

Mrs. Schmidt: Day 3

Mrs. Gogan: Day 4

Mrs. Lehman: Day 1

Mrs. Rasmussen: Day 3

Mr. Becker: Day 4

Mrs. Peter: Day 2

Mrs. Reisdorff: Day 1

Mrs. Blume: Thursdays

Ms. Mundil: Fridays

Ms. True: Wednesdays

Mrs. Andersson: Wednesdays

Mrs. Dinsdale: Thursdays

Ms. Prange: Wednesdays

Mrs. Hohensee: Fridays

Mrs. Losey: Fridays


Book Fair Info:  This year the Scholastic Book Fair will be October 10th and 12th and February 20th and 22nd from 4-7pm.  With last year’s funds we were able to buy Golden Sower books for the library, replace some popular series books, and buy Scholastic News Magazine subscriptions for every student in grades 1-5.  Obviously your support goes a long way!  We look forward to seeing you at the book fair this year!