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Do YOU believe in ROCK ‘n ROLL? How about ROCK, paper, scissors? Pet ROCKS

LIBRARIES ROCK” Although our summer program has ended, the fun doesn’t have to end! Please come to our Maxey Open House on Thursday, August 9  from 6-7 p.m. and visit the library for a “Kindness ROCKS” treasure hunt!!

If you plant a seed of kindness, in almost no time at all, the fruits of kindness will grow, and grow, and grow, and they are very, very sweet. ~from If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson

Events coming soon at the Maxey Library:

*Back to School Open House/Kindness ROCKS Treasure Hunt~ Thursday, August 9, 2018 6-7 p.m.

*Scholastic BOOK Fair~October 8-18, 2018~on school days, Hours-TBA

Volunteers Needed for book fair!! See Mrs. Christen if you would like to volunteer or use the online signup which will be posted here SOON!  

This year’s Book Fair Theme: Enchanted Forest!!

Favorite events from 17-18:

Breakout BOX has arrived at Maxey!! You’ve heard of Escape Room? Well . . breaking into Breakout Box is happening now in the Maxey Library! 

First to Breakout!! Bragging Rights!!

Teamwork, communication and FUN!!

A team can be two, three or four . . with GRIT, communication and thinking skills . . Yay!!


GOLDEN SOWER 17-18 Votes: Top Picture Books at Maxey:

We Forgot Brock! (78 votes) Also State Favorite!

Miss Hazeltine’s Home For Shy and Fearful Cats (67 votes)

Wolfie the Bunny (62 votes) (second favorite in NE)

Mother Bruce (54 votes)

Top Chapter Books at Maxey:

Fuzzy Mud (23 votes) Also Favorite in the State!

Ruby Lee and Me (15 votes)

Paper Things & Baker’s Magic (tie-11 votes)

Crenshaw & All the Answers (tie-10 votes)


  in the Maxey Library  MAKERSPACE and MOSAIC during Parent/Teacher conferences!!

Thursday, Feb. 22 3:45-6:45 p.m.

Tuesday, Feb. 27 4:05-6:45 p.m.





Mrs. Stohs and Mrs. Mac celebrated their January birthdays in the library!

All of the library staff at Maxey have January birthdays! A great way to start the year at the Maxey Library!

2018 Pajama Day for Kindergarten!!

Reader’s Theater . . 5th graders welcome the new year with their kindergarten buddies.

A multicultural story about celebrating the new year, Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas and a story about making and keeping a new year’s resolution, Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution, led to discussion between Maxey Kindergarteners and Fifth Graders!

THANK YOU for your generous donations to the

Maxey Walkathon 2017 for Lincoln Food Bank Backpack Program



Raising $$5,000 for Hungry Kids in Lincoln!

Thank you for shopping!! 

WILD WEST Book Fair, Saddle Up and READ was a great success! We raised $244 and sold several books for Hartley Elementary School and sold $11,000 of merchandise . . that’s $5,500 of new books for MAXEY!


We couldn’t do a book fair without Amazing Volunteers: THANK YOU TO: Addison Catlin, Alivia Miller, Alexandra Meyer, Lilly Pannier, Calum Krikac, Madison Weier, Lara Mattos, Sydney Allen, Defne Otu, Izzy Alfano, Jackson Rennerfeldt, Yui Sakai, Tatum Lewis, Dora Adam, Hasan & Handan Can Otu, Lindsey Dersch, Greg Tebo, Jessie Krikac, Lisa Lewis, Daniela & Fabio Mattos, Amber Messick, Tracy Reichmuth, Julie Watteyne, Ginger Guilfoyle, John Christen, Jill Stohs, Robin MacKnight, Nancy Jagadich, Annette Wiegert, Letti Torrens, Leslie Norris, Todd Juhnke (and the rest of the custodial staff), Tracey Peterson & Suzanne Reimers!!


The Maxey School Mission is to Maximize Learning for ALL Maxey Students!

The mission of the Maxey School Library is to support and encourage all patrons to be effective users of information by providing these learners with critical thinking and problem solving strategies that will enable their future success.