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Soooooo ….. Who is ready for school???

Mrs. Christen, of course!!

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year at the Maxey LIBRARY!!

Also VERY ready for school: Mrs. MacKnight & Mrs. Stohs, now sharing the job of paraeducator in the Maxey Library! WELCOME BACK!! Both had been volunteers in the Library last school year!

Maxey Specialists welcome Mr. Harpham to the team!! He will be teaching PE specials in the morning with Grades 2-4 and Mrs. Christen will teach Library specials in the afternoon with Grades K, 1, and 5.

Activities coming soon:

August 21-Solar Eclipse

August 29-Great Books for Great Kids RUNZA!!

September 26-Maxey Walkathon for Lincoln Foodbank

October 9-20-WILD WEST Book Fair, Saddle Up and READ at the Maxey Library

. . . y’all stay tuned for DETAILS






A HUGE thank you to these 12 amazing volunteers in the Library during 2016-17! From left: Sherri Duval, Leslie Ianno, Jill Stohs, Leigh Ann Muller, Amber Messick, Heather Bloom, Sheri Christen (librarian), Linda Gerner, Nancy Christy, Linda Barry, Kim Zarnick, Liz Voss and Robin MacKnight.

Our twelve volunteers helped Maxey students and staff BLOOM!!


Mrs. Reimers with Logan and his dad following the walk. Logan and his family worked hard to gather donations!

$17,700 to the Lincoln Food Bank for Backpacks!! MAXEY is Amazing!! WOW!! Thanks to all who made a donation!! 

Backpack Walk 2017

Shari Styskal from Lincoln Public Schools and Scott Young from the Lincoln Food Bank help Mrs. Christen celebrate the kind donations from the Maxey community! Maxey was honored with being the highest fundraising school in LPS this year!

Logan and Julia Hoffman gathered over $1,150 from family, friends and neighbors for the Backpack Program!! WOW!! This got them a GRIT award at Maxey.

Logan and Julia commented about their Backpack commitment.

These Maxey 3rd and 4th Graders showed GRIT by reading all of the 2016-17 Golden Sower Chapter Books!

These Maxey fifth graders read all of the 2016-17 Golden Sower Chapter books!

The Votes have been counted!! Maxey voted for 2016-17 Golden Sower Picture Books:

Gaston-73 Votes

Blizzard-70 Votes

Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas-56 Votes

A Piece of Cake-53 votes

Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie The Pooh-36 Votes

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla-30 Votes

Ninja Red Riding Hood-26 Votes

I am Cow, Hear Me MOOO!-25 Votes

Emmanuel’s Dream-23 Votes

My Grandfather’s Coat-9 Votes

(401 student votes total)

The sower at the top of the Capital in Lincoln was the inspiration for our student-selected award, helping readers grow!

And 2016-17 Golden Sower Chapter Book Voting at Maxey:

The War That Saved My Life-29 Votes

El Deafo-26 Votes

Loot-13 Votes

Stella By Starlight-10 Votes

The Fourteenth Goldfish-9 Votes

Absolutely Almost and Life on Mars-TIE-8 Votes

Frostborn-7 Votes

Fish in a Tree and Dash-TIE-5 Votes

(120 students voted)

Thank you for reading and voting!! 

 On Friday, March 31, Maxey celebrated “Hats ON for Hunger” and over $650 was raised toward food filled backpacks for LPS students! Thank you to those who brought money and/or wore a hat!

Mrs. Christen and Mrs. Muller celebrated “Hats ON for Hunger” in the Library.

Thanks to Maxey Student Council for a $1500 donation to the Lincoln Food Bank’s Backpack Program!

Go Maxey! Support the Backpack Program!

There was no way to miss all the spirit supplied by students and staff wearing their backpack shirts!

Thanks, Maxey!!

Families that donated $250 or more to the Lincoln Food Bank for Backpacks received a copy of this book as a thank you!!

Author, Julia Cook

Author Julia Cook visited Maxey on Monday, April 3 thanks to a grant written by Maxey Kindergarten Teacher, Linda Freye.   She spoke about several different topics that affect kids every day . . from boogers to bullies, caring and coping, and her dog Kirby was sooooo perfect!! To visit Julia’s website, go to

Julia spoke to K-5 students in large and smaller groups.

Kirby was dressed for success with cool shades!














Cornhusker football player and former Maxey student, Bryan Reimers read When I grow up, I’m going to play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.


Maxey Principal, Mrs. Reimers reads to students.

Decorating cookies is the best!!

Frosting and sprinkles!!

Barnes and Noble SouthPointe was the place to be on Read Across America Day! Maxey raised over $800 for library books and had lots of fun!

Happy Sesquicentennial, Nebraska!!

Chris Sayre visited Maxey on the January PLC day and shared stories and music with students. Here he is playing Clementine on the SAW!!

Nebraska BOOKMARKS!! 

Maxey students K-5 were invited to create a bookmark to celebrate Nebraska and their 150th Birthday on March 1, 2017. The winning bookmarks will be available in the Maxey Library for all students and staff. The following students made bookmarks that were chosen to be printed for Maxey:


Octav S. Marlee B. Kate H. Olivia N. Miley R. Mitch J.
Nolan N. Gabriela L. Grace H. Tess W. Joy W. June K.
Tessa S. Katy W. Zoe W. Alivia M. Claire W. Dylan E.
Sophie Y. Lena W. Will D.
Emma H.

Congrats to the winners and all who created a bookmark! They are incredible and were on display at the Maxey Book Fair at Barnes and Noble, SouthPointe on March 2, and are available in the Maxey Library!

Ballet Cat was asked to sign autographs!!

Ballet Cat was asked to sign autographs!!

That autograph, is in hot pink, just like Ballet Cat!! Meow!!

That autograph, is hot pink, just like Ballet Cat!! Meow!!

On Halloween, Volunteers got into the Spirit . . dressing up and even signing some autographs!! Ballet Cat is a new favorite series by Bob Shea!! Meow!! 

The Maxey School Mission is to Maximize Learning for ALL Maxey Students!

The mission of the Maxey School Library is to support and encourage all patrons to be effective users of information by providing these learners with critical thinking and problem solving strategies that will enable their future success.