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The image to the left is a link to the District FORMS.

Other District Forms can be found on the Parent page.



This online form should make requesting funds much easier now. You can even attach documents. When you click the “Send” button at the bottom of the form, your information is automatically sent to us to begin processing.

Please use this form whenever you are ready to spend funds raised through successful Fund-a-Need proposals. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

HINT when using Interactive PDFs (choose 1):

  • When in Chrome – download the form and save to your desktop before filling it out.
  • In Chrome – type about:plugins in your URL Address Bar at the top of the screen. Find Chrome PDF Viewer on the list and click the disable link. – This will allow your PDFs to open in Adobe instead.
  • Use Firefox to work with LPS Forms.
Student Purchasing
Living Above the Line Nomination Form  Non-Stock Requisition
Blood Drive Parental Consent Form

Chromebook – Responsible Use Agreement (RUA)


2017 RUA Translations

SmartSpot – Responsible Use Agreement (RUA)


PR0013: Equipment RequisitionLink to LPS Catalogs
Used to order equipment at any time of the year. Includes justification and installation needs.
Obligation Release PR0002: Catalog Items Order Form Link to the LPS Catalogs
A form to order items with LPS numbers. Use within your building or send in for central fund purchases
Student Parent Team Referral A link to ALL of the LPS CATALOGS
LPS Suggested Vendors — from LPS Purchasing Website
 School Specialty Website
 Risk Management Form — Use this form if you are an LPS employee driving a vehicle that will be transporting students.  This form must be submitted to Risk Management at least 1 week prior to the initial date.

Computing Services Website

Buying Guide

Contract for Incomplete Course


Permission for Student to Drive/Transport to Field TripParental Consent for Activities LNE Late Graduation Contract – 2017
 Field Trip Applications

LPS Trips/Activity Request Information

LPS District Approval Information for Field Trips

LPS District Approval FORM for Transportation Request

LPS Policy 6525.1 – Trips
LPS Policy 5520 – Student Fees Policy

  • Self Injury Form
  • Suicide Risk Report
  • Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect



Staff Building
Request for Leave Revised 2012 – Facility Use Application
 Concern Referral  Archibus – Room Reservation System
Activity Deposit Form
Custodial Service Request
LNE Theater Event Sheet Form
Parent Permission Form for Out of Town/State Travel LNE Theater Floor Plan
Parental Consent  Materials Transfer Request
Permission for Student to Drive/Transport to Field Trip Volunteer Application Form
Mileage LOG – Accounting Dept.
$225 Allotment (Enhancement) Claim VoucherAccount Numbers:

  • General Instruction: 01.1100.41220.303.014
  • Special Education:  01.1206.41220.303.016


 Bryan Referral Form
UNBLOCK Website Request *AND* ITT –  Instructional Technology Tool Request Form
 Journal Entry Request


 Fundraiser – Project Proposal
 RAD Actionable Statements
Assignment Cover Sheet for Academic Support/INS
Student Parent Team Referral


Book Review
 Media Center Conference Room Reservation Template
 Cataloging Information Form