Freshmen choir is a beginning ensemble that meets during the second half of the second block. It is a great opportunity for Freshmen to learn singing fundamentals while simultaneously building meaningful relationships with their fellow choir members. This choir usually performs four times per year. Please refer to the calendar for these dates.

Members of Freshmen choir are required to wear the following concert dress for performances:

Music Polos

This is our informal uniform that we wear at various performances.  Orders are taken at the beginning of the school year.  Cost is $25.

Concert Dress:

  • Those who identify as female will wear black nylons and choir shoes with a black skirt (not extremely short) and white blouse/top/sweater (no sleeveless) and black character shoes 
  • Those who identify as male will wear black socks, black dress shoes, black dress pants, white long sleeve dress shirt and tie (any color), and black dress shoes 


  • All those who identify as female are required to have uniform closed-toe black shoes with a 1.5 inch heel as well as black hose.  We will take shoe orders for women’s shoes when school starts.  Women’s concert shoes usually cost $42.00.
  • All those who identify as male are required to have black dress shoes, as well as black socks. They will purchase these on their own.  Band/Show Choir students may wear their uniform shoes.