Welcome to the one stop shop for everything involving choral activities at Lincoln Southwest High School. These ensembles include Chamber Choir, Varsity Concert Choir, Concert Choir and Freshman Choir. The following information includes how to get involved in choral music activities at Southwest as well as how to contact the music faculty.
When prompted, parents/guardians at our parent meeting finished this statement: singing is…

This is why we are here!




Know that these decisions are very difficult for E-Wing Staff.  We put a lot of thought and consideration into making these choices for our music ensembles. Concert Choir/Show Choir Ensembles are mostly determined by vocal audition scores.  Some decisions are made as students are involved in both instrumental and vocal music.

For many, there will be joy and for some there will be disappointment. Please refrain from putting your thoughts on group texts, twitter, fb, etc. to allow everyone to see the list. If students or parents have questions or concerns about where you have been placed, music faculty will be happy to visit with you next week during an appointment time.



Presley Pritchett Peterson, Overall President
Samantha Hobelman, Overall Vice President & Co-President of Ambience
Mixed Leadership
Nadia Schafer, Mixed Concert Choir President
Delaney Baker, Mixed Soprano Section Leader
Aubrey Falter, Mixed Soprano Section Leader
Sophie Belka, Mixed Alto Section Leader
Ian Gouldie, Mixed Concert Choir Bass Section Leader
Varsity Leadership
Harper Jordan, Varsity Concert Choir President
Camille Vance, Varsity Soprano Section Leader
John Greisen, Varsity Bass Section Leader
Gabrielle Roesch, Varsity Alto Section Leader
Nate Pribil, Varsity Tenor Section Leader
Chamber/Show Choir Leadership
Avery Olson, Chamber President
Hannah Clanton, Resonance President
Quin Wilkason, Resonance President
Lily Barry, Ambience Co-President
Freshman Leadership
Melanie Wiggins, Soprano Section Leader
Jordyn Stuefer, Alto Section Leader
Eagan Tyrrell, Bass Section Leader



Lisa Peterson, Head Vocal Parent Rep.

Erin Niebuhr, Mixed Concert Choir Parent Rep.

Amy Mielak, Freshman Choir Parent Rep.

TBA, Varsity Concert Choir Parent Rep.

TBA, Chamber Choir Parent Rep.


Below, you will find the web page and email addresses for the rest of the Music Department:

Dr. Marci DeAmbrose: Director of Choral Activities 
Email: mdeambr@lps.org
Web: http://wp.lps.org/mdeambr

Andrew Jacobson: Show Choir Director, Assistant Vocal, Music Technology 
Email: ajacobs2@lps.org
Web: http://wp.lps.org/ajacobs2

Alyssa Wilhelm: Music Department Chair, Director of Bands
Email: awilhel2@lps.org

Jacob Fahrlander: Director of Orchestras, Assistant Band Director 
Email:  jfahrla@lps.org

Aaron Mathis:  Instrumental Music Assistant
Email: amathis@lps.org

Sheryl Parde, Department Collaborative Pianist
Email: sparde@lps.org