Gingerbread Night

As one of our family socializations, we decided to do a Gingerbread Fun Night on January 16 from 5:30-6:30. At fun night, you are able to have fun with your child as well as meet other families in our program. We will have different stations available for you to complete with your child. We will have a gingerbread house, snack, large motor, book, gingerbread glyph, and gingerbread person art stations. We will be reading different versions of the Gingerbread Man next week, and your child will be very familiar with the story.

If you can contribute materials for gingerbread houses, it would be appreciated. Just send with your child before the 15th so we know how much to buy. Below is a list of needed materials.

Graham Cracker

White Frosting

Small candies for decorations

Thank you!

Mrs. Barger and Mrs. Carlow