Thank you!

Thank you to all the families that braved the cold to attend our Gingerbread Night! We loved seeing all of our families getting to meet each other, and our students got to socialize out of the classroom. It was also a chance for students in both morning and afternoon to interact. We had a great time!

Gingerbread Night

As one of our family socializations, we decided to do a Gingerbread Fun Night on January 16 from 5:30-6:30. At fun night, you are able to have fun with your child as well as meet other families in our program. We will have different stations available for you to complete with your child. We will have a gingerbread house, snack, large motor, book, gingerbread glyph, and gingerbread person art stations. We will be reading different versions of the Gingerbread Man next week, and your child will be very familiar with the story.

If you can contribute materials for gingerbread houses, it would be appreciated. Just send with your child before the 15th so we know how much to buy. Below is a list of needed materials.

Graham Cracker

White Frosting

Small candies for decorations

Thank you!

Mrs. Barger and Mrs. Carlow

5 Things you didn’t know about preschool

Finding a preschool for your little one can be one of the most daunting decisions you’re forced to make as a parent. Now more than ever we are surrounded by evidence that a high-quality preschool experience is vital to children’s success in their educational years and beyond. So how do even begin to make this huge decision? Here are five things to remember as you begin this important journey!

Look down!

In high-quality preschool programs, classrooms are designed to grab the attention of the children who occupy them as soon as they walk in the door. While the entire classroom should look, feel and smell inviting, you should see materials and artwork displayed low and at children’s eye level. These materials should be constantly changing to reflect the changing curriculum themes, children’s interest and activities going on in the classroom from day to day. When touring programs, a great way to measure engagement in a classroom is to watch the children closely when you open the door. Do they all jump up and run over to see who just walked in or do they maybe send a glance your way and then get right back to the activity they were engaged in? If it’s the second option, that’s a wonderful sign that the children are engaged and excited about what they are doing!

Consistency is key!

Something you and your child should expect to know are the daily routines of the classroom and caregivers. Children benefit most from routines they know and understand from individuals they are familiar with and trust. Seeing a new face in the classroom from week to week is a warning sign that the environment may not be ideal for your family. While childcare careers are often a stepping stone for individuals whose long-term goal is elementary education some occasional turnover is expected, as long as it is not continuous.

Messes are a good thing!

As you tour programs you will come across classrooms that are wonderfully organized and beautifully decorated. Remember that quality environments recognize that learning through play is how children learn best, that means that sometimes they will be covered in paint, have shaving cream in their hair and their classroom will be a mess when you go to pick up! This is your opportunity as a parent to be excited to hear about all the experiences they had through the day (most likely during bath time) and praise them for being actively involved in their classroom experiences. In the same sense, you will see them learning letters, shapes, and numbers in ways that are sensory, such as drawing them in sand or with an ice cube versus them bringing home a worksheet to show you their progress.

Don’t get distracted by all the bells and whistles!

As with a lot of things, when finding a preschool to meet the needs of your family – the most expensive isn’t always the best. There are some incredible programs that offer state of the art classrooms and enough extra-curricular activities to make you feel like you’re at Disneyland. As a parent, it is easy to assume these programs are the best fit for our little ones simply because they have the most to offer! What you may find upon enrollment is that the high tuition combined with minimally paid teachers delivers a high turnover rate and low quality of care, something that can be incredibly disappointing. Remember that ultimately your child’s experience in their program will rely hugely on the values of the classroom teachers and program directors. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience in early childhood, their goals for the classroom, what they are doing to be active within their community or what makes their program different than anyone else.

It takes a village!

Struggling with picky eaters? Potty training? Speech? Behavior issues? Quality preschool programs have resources to help you and your family be successful while navigating these transitions! Programs that are nationally accredited are usually allotted coaches and therapists to work alongside you, your child and your child’s teacher to find pathways that work best for your child’s specific needs. With these resources in place, you can feel confident as a parent that you are not alone as your child is prepared for success in their elementary years!

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Welcome to Adams Preschool!

Please join us at Adams on Thursday, Aug. 8 between 6:00pm – 7:00pm for Open House! At this time, you can see your classroom, meet your teachers and explore Adams school. You can also set up an initial home visit with Mrs. Barger to finish up any paperwork needed before the first day of school.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Mrs. Barger

Ms. Brenda

Ms. Jill



THURSDAY, AUG. 15TH, 12-3:30PM





If you are dropping your child off, you will drive to the loop in the South parking lot. Wait until you see Mrs. Barger, Ms. Brenda or Ms. Jill and then make sure your child is seen before you leave. 

If you ride the bus, Mrs. Barger, Ms. Brenda, and Ms. Jill will be there to meet you!

If you are late and don’t see your child’s teacher. Go to the office through the front door and check-in with Ms. Connie.

Parents: Please know that it is easier to make the transition if you do not come into the school with us. Thanks for your help.

Please be at school no earlier than 11:50 and no later than 11:58. We will begin walking down to our class promptly at noon. This is especially necessary in the winter since we don’t want our little ones standing in the cold too long.


11:50 – Meet by doors in South parking lot.

12:00 – Walk in with your teachers.

12:05 – Find Cubby, wash hands and eat lunch!

Then have fun!

3:30 – Meet your child at the South Doors for pick up.