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Leader Expectations

  1. Most importantly BE ON TIME!
  2. Weekly attendance to our MONDAY morning meetings (7:30am-8:00am) to discuss/plan our PLC activities for the 9th graders.
    • During Term 1, SHOS Leaders are expected to attend MONDAY morning meetings as well as the TUESDAY PLC sessions with the 9th graders.
  3. Daily attendance to all other registered classes (8:15-3:03)
    • If you are not attending ALL classes and/or have an issue with getting to class on time this could be grounds for removal from SHOS.
  4. Maintain passing grades of a C or better in ALL classes as well as complete assignments on time!
    • If you cannot demonstrate these qualities this could be grounds for removal from SHOS.
  5. Consistently demonstrate an acceptable code of conduct (demonstrate good character; no issues with electronic devices and/or social media; be a leader in all aspects!!)
  6. There may be some weeks where SHOS Leaders will have responsibilities outside of school.
    • Some other examples may include: attending evening and weekend sporting events, volunteering in the community, participating in any SHOS projects in the evenings and weekends.
  7. All SHOS leaders and their 9th grade students are expected to remain on school property during PLC time (2:03-3:03).  There will not be food brought into classrooms during SHOS PLC sessions.
  8. SHOS Leaders are expected to be accountable and present!  If you cannot attend a meeting/PLC session you MUST communicate that to Mrs. Bales BEFOREHAND!  You are expected to have the necessary information and be prepared to lead the PLC sessions for your group of 9th grade students EVERY Tuesday!!
    • Demonstrate the ability to work without direct supervision.