What is MTSS-B?

MTSS-B stands for Multi-tiered System of Support for Behavior.

Lincoln Southwest Silver Hawks S.O.A.R. to Success. MTSS-B is a positive school-wide student management system; aimed at building relationships within the Southwest community. Our focus is centered on: Safe, Open-Minded, Accountable, and Respectful. The SOAR expectations are taught, reinforced, and rewarded. They are a vehicle that helps foster a positive culture of learning.

This involves the following:

  • Clear set of positive expectations & behaviors:
  • you’ve-been-caught
  • Common purpose & approach to discipline for all students
  • Set procedures for teaching expected behavior to all students
    • Safety, Opportunity, Attendance, Respect
    • SOAR Matrix 2019-2020
  • Continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behavior and discouraging inappropriate behavior
  • On-going monitoring & evaluation of student behavior and areas of need

As we approach a new school year, please remember:

Mistakes happen because we are all human. When students make behavior mistakes or errors, it helps to think of those errors as teaching and learning opportunities. Responding to behaviors in a calm, consistent, brief, immediate, and respectful manner, helps to motivate students to learn from their mistakes. Here at LSW, we practice and use a variety of responses to behavior errors in order to ensure that students are learning new skills and finding opportunities to practice positive behavior. When adults follow up student learning and practice with specific feedback, we increase the chances that students will acquire new skills and learn valuable lessons.

For more information about MTSS-B, click on the link to access the https://www.pbis.org/school/mtss or the pbis.org website

Click on the following link for a look at our school wide behavior manual: PBIS handbook- 2018-2019 (2018-2019)