What is PBiS?

PBiS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Lincoln Southwest Silver Hawks S.O.A.R. to Success. PBiS is a positive school-wide student management system; aimed at building relationships within the Southwest community. Our focus is centered on: Safe, Open-Minded, Accountable, and Respectful. The SOAR expectations are taught, reinforced, and rewarded. They are a vehicle that helps foster a positive culture of learning.

This involves the following:

  • Clear set of positive expectations & behaviors:
  • you’ve-been-caught
  • Common purpose & approach to discipline for all students
  • Set procedures for teaching expected behavior to all students
    • Safety, Opportunity, Attendance, Respect
    • SOAR Matrix 2017-2018
  • Continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behavior and discouraging inappropriate behavior
  • On-going monitoring & evaluation of student behavior and areas of need

For more information about PBIS, click on the link to access the http://wp.lps.org/pbis/ or the pbis.org website

Click on the following link for a look at our school wide behavior manual: PBiS Handbook (2017-2018)