Student Responsibilties

The LSW counseling staff is committed to helping students as they plan and prepare for their high school education and the next step in education beyond high school. Your counselor is one of your most immediate resources. The Counseling Center Staff gathers, coordinates, and disseminates information they receive with regards to community colleges, technical schools, military, colleges, universities, testing, scholarships, and financial aid.

It is to a student’s advantage to connect with his/her high school counselor as he/she explore the next steps in his/her education as shown below:

  • Get to know your counselors.
  • Get to know your Counseling Center’s procedures
  • Read the Daily Bulletin for student opportunities and college visits and the Counseling Center News in the Talon
  • The LSW High School Counseling Team is trained to partner with students, so please invite them to help in with post-high school planning

Since the student is the center of all post-high school activities, the student must be responsible for initiating and completing the following tasks:

  1. Completing and sending in required registration materials for college entrance examinations
  2. Requesting college applications and related materials
  3. Making appointments with counselors to completing college applications
  4. Keeping track of important deadlines and other dates
  5. Informing parents/guardians of deadlines for applications and for filing FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Assistance).
  6. Reviewing bulletins and newsletters relating to college applications and scholarships