Meeting With Your Counselor

We’re growing and changing in the LSW Counseling Center this year!

New in 2018-2019, students will be able to submit an online Counselor Visit Request Form to set up a meeting time with their counselor, rather than taking time out of class to drop in the Counseling Center and wait to be seen. This preserves valuable class time and also allows counselors to provide the best service possible for our students.

During Term 2, Dr. Lehn, Mr. Peterson, and Ms. Sharpe will be using this form as their primary method of scheduling visits with students.

CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting with the following counselors:

  • A-C   | Ms. Sharpe
  • M-N  | Dr. Lehn (Team Leader)
  • O-Sl  | Mr. Peterson

The other counselors will join in using this form later in the school year, but students who wish to visit with Mr. Sederberg, Mr. Ernst, or Mr. Feeken at this time should continue to come to the LSW Counseling Center to initiate that meeting.

  • D-He | Mr. Sederberg
  • Hf-L   | Mr. Feeken
  • Sm-Z | Mr. Ernst