September 2019

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September Calendar

  • Tuesday, September 10th
    • P/T Conferences @ 4:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, September 14th
    • ACT @ LSW
  • Sunday, September 22, 1:00-3:00 pm
    • Lincoln Area College Fair @ SCC, 8800 O Street, Lincoln, NE
  • Wednesday, September 25th
    • Apply2College @ LSW @ 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Sunday, September 29, 1:00-4:00 p.m
    • Omaha Area College Fair @ UNO, Sapp Fieldhouse, 6001 Dodge St., Omaha, NE

New Additions to the LSW Counseling Team

The LSW Counseling Center welcomes Lindsey Augustine, who will be our counseling intern student during 2019-20 school year. Lindsey is in the process of completing the School Counseling Program at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

ACT Registration for Seniors

Seniors who took the Nebraska STATE ACT in April visit with Mrs. Way in the Counseling Center to request their ACT ID number. They will need to set up a new account. Answer “yes” that they have registered, and “yes” that they have taken the test before. Seniors will use the ACT ID number on top of their student report to link the data from that test to their new account.

Seniors who are registering for the ACT National test ( on a regular Saturday test date) are encouraged to use their ACT Student Accounts created with the scores from the Nebraska State test. The advantage of doing so is that the student’s scores from various test dates will be available in one account. For more information, please contact ACT Customer Care to complete this process:

For additional assistance, please contact Mr. Feeken at

Lincoln Area College Fair

The Lincoln Area College Fair will be held on Sunday, September 22nd from 1 to 3 pm at SCC, 8800 “O” Street, Lincoln, NE. College reps from across the state, region, and nation will be available to answer your questions and provide materials about their schools.

College Fair Tips

1. Visit to register for a barcode. Print the barcode, or save it to your smartphone, and take it to the fair so college reps can scan your demographic information.

2. Arrive early enough to visit all colleges that interest you.

3. Stop by the EducationQuest booth to get free college planning materials and for a bag to collect college view books.

4. Come prepared with questions for the college reps:

  • What are admission requirements and deadlines?
  • Does the school offer academic programs that meet my interests?
  • What is the cost of tuition and fees — and room and board?
  • How do I apply for college-based scholarships?
  • How many students attend the school?
  • What are the housing options?

5. Attend a financial aid program offered during the College Fair.

Click here to view the list of colleges attending the Lincoln Area College Fair.


LSW’s Apply2College event will be held on Wednesday, September 25th from 8 to 3pm. For more details, contact Mr. Peterson at

Wondering how to get started on the college application process? No worries!  The Apply2College will help you apply to college. Several college reps will also be available to assist students with the application process. It will help you to start preparing now by following the steps listed below:

1. Narrow your college choices to 3 or 4 by visiting with college representatives at College Fairs, Educational Planning Programs, during campus visits, and when they visit your high school. Please check the Student Bulletin and Senior Google Classroom (Class code cns9m7) to see which reps will be visiting LSW.

2. Use these free EducationQuest resources to help you with the college selection process:

3. Contact your top college choices and ask about deadlines to apply for admission and college-based scholarships. Most will hit in December or January.

4. Use this college application checklist to prepare.

Share your Apply2College photos!
During LSW’s  Apply2Collegeevent, share photos on social media using #Apply2CollegeNE!

Highlights from the Senior Family Meeting

For seniors and families who were unable to attend the Senior Family Meeting, highlights of the presentations are below:

Students and families are reminded that beginning August 28th, R. J. Vega, EducationQuest College Planning|Financial Aid Specialist will be at LSW every other Wednesday. For additional info and to schedule an appointment, click here.

Throughout the remainder of Term 1, counselors will be having individual meetings with seniors to review their graduation requirements and discuss post-secondary plans. Families are encouraged to remind their students to bring home the packets of information received during the meetings so they discuss what needs to be completed during the senior year. If your student has not received the packet of information by the time Term 2 begins, please contact your student’s assigned counselor.

Junior Family Meeting

The Junior Family Meeting took into consideration that since juniors have now completed two years of high school, it’s time to evaluate their progress toward graduation, as well as make some other considerations.

Avoid the Sophomore Slump

The Magoosh High School Blog shares, “The sophomore slump is real … and  the newness of high school has worn off a bit.”  Sophomores are often juggling more rigorous classes, extracurricular activities, thinking about college, and becoming more independent. To avoid the sophomore slump and begin exploring ideas for the future, click here to read the rest of this blog. offers the YouTube video, Advice for Sophomores that shares some insights for making the most of your sophomore year.


Advice for High School Freshmen

At Hey Teach, Nancy Barile, National Board Certified Teacher and an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Emmanuel College in Boston, has help from her recent senior class in offering advice to high school freshmen. “After hearing ‘I wish I’d known this when I was a freshman!’ countless times by the end of the school year, her senior class decided they wanted to leave behind some real advice for high school freshmen.” Below are some of the insights they shared:

  1. Get a Planner * Physically writing down events and assignments helps to stay organized
  2. Understand Procrastination * Turn Procrastination into action
  3. Keep It Real * Be realistic about your future decisions
  4. Stay Focused * Keep your focus on the future
  5. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone * Try classes and programs that you might not normally be interested in
  6. Make Yourself at Home * Surround yourself with supportive people who can help guide you with comfort and advice
  7. Get Involved * Don’t be afraid to join clubs in which you have a common interest and shared values with other students
  8. Make Useful Connections * People want to help teenagers by providing opportunities for them
  9. Work Hard *  I was ready for high school because I worked hard from day one
  10. Be Present * Be present and live in the moment

To read more details about each of these insights, click here.