Personal | Social

During high school, students often experience personal|social issues. Some last a brief time, while others may continue for a longer period. Because youth and young adults often do not seek professional assistance on their own due to embarrassment; lack of transportation; fear of what others may think about them; and potential of negative attitudes from themselves, friends, families, and/or peers.

There are times when students and/or their families do ask school counselors for their insights about personal/social issues that linger, especially those that may involve mental health challenges. The counselors work with the students and/or families to them with resources such as the school social worker, school psychologist, and/or working with other professionals.

At Southwest High School, we have the following individuals available to provide additional assistance to students and/or families:

  • Michael Barber (School Social Worker)
  • Sharon Kryger (School Psychologist)
  • Miranda Blackwell (Family Services Therapist at LSW twice a week)

The counselors work with these individuals to also provide community resources when applicable. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact your assigned counselor.