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LSW Counseling Center

  • 2017-18 LSW Counselor Assignments & Responsibilities
    • A-C      Dr. Simpson-Kirkland *
    • D-HE    Mrs. Volker *
    • HF-L     Mr. Feeken *
    • M-N      Dr. Lehn *
    • O-SL     Mr. Peterson *
    • SM-Z   Mr. Ernst *
  • Counseling Center Personnel
    • Counseling Administrator | John Hastings
    • Counseling Secretary | Janene Way
    • Registrar | Christine Carman
    • Social Worker | Michael Barber
    • Family Services Therapist | Miranda Blackwell
    • EducationQuest College Planning & Financial Aid Specialist | R.J. Vega

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Google Classroom Info from the Counseling Center

  • Seniors – Class of 2018
  • Juniors – Class of 2019
  • Sophomores – Class of 2020
  • Freshmen – Class of 2021

January Calendar

  •  8th * 2018-19 Registration begins & continues through January 31st
    • Contact Person: Assigned Counselor &/or IEP Manager (If Applicable)
  • 11th * Future Hawk Night
    • Contact Person: Dr. Lehn
  • 15th * Sophomore Interviews Begin (Continue through February 9th)
    • Contact Person: Mr. Feeken
  • 16th * Registration Session * Media Center Lab @ 2:00 – 3:00 PM
    • Current Freshmen thru Seniors
    • Contact Person: Assigned Counselors24th * Registration Session * Media Center Lab @ 2:00 – 3:00 PM
      • Current Freshmen thru Seniors
      • Contact Person: Assigned Counselor
  • 30th * Registration Session  * Media Center lab @ 2:00-3:00 PM
    • Current Freshmen thru Seniors
    • Contact Person: Assigned Counselor

2018-19 Online Registration

Online Registration Dates

The course selection process for the 2018-19 school year will begin on January 8th and be accessible to students through January 31st. The online course registration process may be completed online using Synergy StudentVUE or ParentVUE. Students/families may register for courses on their own or attend one of the help sessions in the Media Center Computer Lab during PLC time (2:03-3:00) on January, 16th, January 23rd, and January 30th.

Online registration sessions will be held for current 8th graders on Tuesday, February 6th and Thursday, December 8th in the Media Center Computer Lab.

Course Enrollment Recommendations

Freshmen and sophomores MUST register for 80 hours, which is a complete year of classes. Eligible juniors and seniors have the option of selecting an occasional TA (Teaching Assistant) position or Pass period. However, juniors and seniors are recommended to register for a full course-load of 80 credit hours to ensure they have selected classes they are interested in taking if it doesn’t work with their schedule to be a TA or have a Pass Period. As a reminder,  juniors and seniors do not have the option of registering for a TA or Pass Period as the paperwork for those options are completed once students receive their schedule at the start of the 2018-19 school year. Students with an IEP are encouraged to meet with their IEP managers to review course recommendations for next year.

Students and families are reminded that registering for classes does not mean that those classes will be in the 2018-19 schedules as there are times when schedule conflicts occur, classes are not offered, or pre-reqs have not been met. Registration does ensure that students have the opportunity to select the coursework that will best meet their needs.

Course Selection Process

The course selection process is very important as it allows students and families to select courses required for completing graduation requirements and preparing for post-secondary plans, including college entrance requirements, NCAA eligibility, military options, and career readiness. Selecting courses during the registration process also determines classes that will be offered as well as the number of staff members at LSW for the 2018-19 school year. The course selection process allows LSW to meet the goal of fulfilling the district’s educational expectations regarding graduation requirements, while addressing the uniquely individualized needs of our students in an efficient and prudent way.

Online Registration Guidelines

  • Visit the Google Classroom for appropriate grade level
  • Read the 4 Year Course Planning Guide Instructions
  • Complete and submit the 4 Year Course Planning Guide Assignment
  • Review the LSW Online Registration Directions
  • Select courses using the online registration system located in the Student VUE or Parent Vue
    • Register for 80 credit hours
    • Choose two alternates for the alternate category in case there would be a time conflict, class is filled or not offered
    • Select extra-curricular activities that are interested in participating in

Future Hawk Night

Future Hawk Night will be held at LSW on Thursday, January 11th, beginning at 6:30 pm. This is an informative evening for current 8th graders and their families who are interested in learning more about Southwest High School.

Sophomore Interviews

Counselors will be having individual interviews with sophomores beginning January 15th. In addition to reviewing graduation requirements and college entrance requirements, counselors will be discussing the students’ PreACT results using the LSW PreACT – Understanding test results presentation which can be accessed by clicking here.

The presentation will assist students in understanding their PreACT results in 3 steps:

  • How am I doing so far?
    • Shows strengths/weaknesses in English, Math, Reading, & Science
  • What are my goals/plans after high school?
    • Considering high school courses that relate to career interests
  • Am I on track for graduation?
    • Reviewing learning skills needed to for college and career readiness

Counselors will discuss what the preACT score ranges mean, highlight the STEM score, review the World of Work Map, and strategies for taking the ACT.

EducationQuest’s College Planning Bulletin

Winter break provides time for seniors to work on college prep activities, including completing the FAFSA, applying for scholarships, and updating resumes. Seniors and their families are reminded that R.J. Vega, EducationQuest College Planning/Financial Aid Specialist is at LSW on Wednesdays to provide free assistance to students and families for completing the FAFSA.

Juniors can use winter break to begin preparing for the ACT that will be given to all juniors in April.  Juniors are encouraged to visit the Google Classroom for Juniors * Class of 2019 to review the instructions for accessing the ACT Online Prep Program that is available at no cost to them through September 2018. If they have not already done so, juniors are reminded to register with scholarship searches such as ScholarshipQuestNow is also a great time for juniors to begin their Activities Resume, which is available on the EducationQuest website.

Mr. Vega is also available to work with students from all grade levels in exploring their post-secondary options. To make an appoint with Mr. Vega, please contact Mrs. Way in the LSW Counseling Center at 402-436-1306 Option 3.

Counseling Center Updates

Students and families are reminded to check the LSW Counseling Center website and Google Classrooms for updates, resources, opportunities, scholarships, etc. that are currently available. Please click here to view the Counseling Center Conference.