Course Request for the 2020-2021 School Year

Course Request for the 2020-2021 School Year

Each LSW student has created an individual 4-year graduation plan to help ensure that the best academic plan is in place to meet LPS graduation requirements.  In addition, this plan will prepare his/her post-secondary plans, whether that be attending college, enlisting in the military, or entering the workforce. This plan should be used as a guide in requesting classes for the next school year, and students are encouraged to review and update their individual 4-year graduation plan at this time every year. The 4-year plan can be found in each student’s grade-level Google Classroom, or by searching their Google Drive (search “4 year”). If your student hasn’t yet completed his/her 4-year plan, this is an excellent time to do so! Detailed instructions for completing/updating this plan can be found here

The window for current students to complete their course requests for the 2020-2021 school year opens January 7th, 2020, and will be accessible until February 9th, 2020. Please make sure that you and/or your student(s) request their courses for the next school year during this window of time. Course requests must be completed online through Synergy ParentVUE or StudentVUE. Detailed instructions for completing the Synergy Course Request, as well as a list of current LSW course offerings at each grade level, can be found at the links below. Help sessions will also be available for current students during PLC on Tuesdays in January (see dates above).

Incoming Seniors
Incoming Juniors
Incoming Sophomores
Incoming Freshmen – LSW counselors will be visiting all middle schools to help our future Silver Hawks complete Synergy Course Request for their first year of high school.

Finally, students and families are reminded that completing the course request does not guarantee that those classes will be in the student’s 2020-2021 class schedule. There may be schedule conflicts, classes that don’t end up being offered due to low interest, or prerequisites that haven’t been met. It is important that the initial course requests are as accurate as possible. These requests determine how the master schedule is built. Entering the correct courses helps to ensure that students have the opportunity to enroll in courses that best meet their needs and interests. Your course requests represent an inventory of courses and the corresponding resources needed to fulfill those requests during the 2020-2021 school year. They will then be used to build a schedule that can accommodate the highest percentage of course possible.  We appreciate your help with this process as we work to ensure that we can continue to provide a strong variety of course offerings in an effort to meet a diverse range of student needs and interests.

Please note that all course requests completed within the designated window are processed at the same time. In other words, students who complete this task on the first day of the window opening are no more likely to receive requested courses than a student who completes course request on the final day. 

Nebraska University System 4-Year College Entrance Requirements

The following courses are minimum high school requirements for entrance to colleges within the Nebraska University System (UNL, UNO, UNK):

  • English: 40 credit hours (Must include intensive reading & writing experiences; Most colleges count Oral Comm)
  • Math: 40 credit hours (Must include Algebra, Geometry, Adv Algebra, & one additional unit that builds on a knowledge of Algebra)
  • Science: 30 credit hours (Must include at least 20 credit hours selected from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth Science, with at least 10 credit hours that include lab instruction)
  • Social Sciences: 30 credit hours (Must include at least 10 credit hours of American and/or World History, plus an additional 10 credit hours of History, American Government, and/or Geography, and 10 credit hours from any social science discipline)
  • World Language: 20 credit hours minimum (two levels must be of the same world language)

Students should always check the entrance requirements for the specific schools they are interested in attending to know what is needed for eligibility at those schools. Additional information about college/university entrance requirements can typically be found on the websites of the post-secondary institutions of interest, or by contacting the admissions office.

Instructions for Completing Synergy Course Request for the 2020-2021 School Year

**Synergy Course Request must be completed using a computer. This process cannot be completed using a cell phone**

  1. It is recommended that you review the grade level recommended courses (below) and/or your 4-year plan in your Google Classroom/Google Drive:
  2. Login to Synergy StudentVUE and click on the Course Request tab on left side.
  3. Scroll to bottom of page to view the second page of the Graduation Status Summary
  4. Review areas highlighted in yellow as they indicate grad requirements to be met
  5. Click on the blue box at the top “Click Here to Change Course Request”  to select courses:
    1. Find the column titled “Course ID” to the right of magnifying glass type the course number.
    2. Click on “Add Request” for selecting the course.
    3. Return to the right of the magnifying glass to select another course by typing its number.
    4. Select at least two different alternate courses by clicking on “Alternate”
  6. NOTE, remember to select both parts of our 2 quarter courses. They have S1 or S2 at the end of the course title.

Freshmen and sophomores must select a TOTAL of 80 credit hours.

Juniors and seniors can select less than 80 credit hours after reviewing their 4-year plan and discussing their plan with parents and their school counselor. 

Please click here for information regarding courses offered and/or recommended by the English Department.