Academic Planning Resources

The information below is designed to provide students and their families with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions when planning a high school course sequence at Southwest. Please contact your LSW school counselor if you have questions about this information.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Course Evaluation Option

A mark of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) can be recorded on the transcript when specifically requested by the student and with approval from the student’s parent/guardian and LSW school counselor. With this option, a grade of S will be recorded for any final grade of 60% or higher; a grade of U will be recorded when the final grade is 59% or lower. Students in all grades can opt to receive an S/U mark rather than the standard letter grade for any class, and this decision can be reversed any time prior to the end of the class. Requests must be made and approved in writing (or electronically) by the beginning of the 6th week of a standard one-quarter class at Southwest (beginning of the 12th week for semester-long “skinny” classes). Deadlines will be communicated to students/families through daily student announcements and the Silver Talon parent newsletter. Classes taken for S/U marks are not included when calculating GPA, nor do these credits count toward meeting academic eligibility requirements. 

The Request for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Course Evaluation form can be submitted online (click left for link), or students can request a paper copy of this form from their counselor.

Withdrawing From A Class

A student may withdraw from a semester or quarter class during weeks 1-3 without record. If a student withdraws during weeks 4-11 of a semester class (4-5 in a quarter class), a ‘W” will be placed on the student’s record. If a student withdraws during weeks 12-18 of a semester class (6-9 in a quarter class), an “F” will be placed on the student’s record unless approval is granted for either a “W” or an “INC” to be placed on the student’s record. Approval is granted by the principal or his designee.

2020-21 Withdrawal Deadlines are provided below. Remember that most classes at Southwest are completed within a single Quarter, and therefore will follow the schedule for Quarter classes – only “skinnies” operate on the standard Semester schedule running for a full 18 weeks.

Quarter 1 classes: September 2-16 will result in a “W”; after Sept. 16th will result in an F
Semester 1 classes: September 2-October 30 will result in a “W”; after October 30 will result in an F
Quarter 2 classes: November 9-20 will result in a “W”; after November 2o will result in an F
Quarter 3 classes: January 26-February 9 will result in a “W”; after February 9 will result in an F
Semester 2 classes: January 26-March 30 will result in a “W”; after March 30 will result in an F
Quarter 4 classes: April 5-19 will result in a “W”; after April 19 will result in an F

Incomplete Contract

When a student and teacher are in agreement that a course, which has not been completed during a regular term, can be successfully completed during an extended time frame, an Incomplete Contract can be developed. This contract must include the work to be completed, the level of mastery that is acceptable, and a date by which the incomplete is to be finished. Failure to fulfill any of the above portions of the contract will result in an “F” grade for the course. Contact your counselor for more information.

Repeating a Class

Any student may choose to retake a course either due to failure or to raise the grade previously earned and subsequently improve their cumulative GPA. Students wishing to replace their previous grade with the higher grade on their transcript must make this request in writing (or electronically). A Repeat Class to Replace Grade form can be submitted online, or student’s can request a paper copy from their counselor. These requests should be made by the end of the academic school year in which the class is retaken. As a reminder, the course that is retaken must be the exact same as the original course in order for grade replacement.

Additional Resources for Academic Planning